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Learn the Best and Easiest Way to Mine Cryptocurrency

The Helium Network technology is an incredible technology building the People’s Network of IoT and now, 5G. You can also make up to $10,000 a month passively. Read on!

Helium Network hotspots

Among all the cryptocurrency technologies, the Helium network system built to create the people’s network for the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G is one of the most meaningful and robust technologies while paving the way to generating significant passive income for its miners.

The Helium system basically works with the Helium network created by individuals who buy and activate their Helium hotspots. The hotspots use LoRA (longfi) technology to create a network of connections among the hotspots and internet of things, and soon, the 5G network.

Learn all about Helium mining in less than two hours reading the book I just published on Kindle. You can also see the complete table of contents at the end of this story.

In return, the hotspot owners are rewarded Helium coins, which they can convert into cash using their wallets and apps.

Founded by the Silicon Valley veterans such as Shawn Fanning, Founder of Napster, and backed by Google Ventures, Unique Square Ventures, and many more with an investment of over $53 million, the Helium network already has a strong foundation of 42,000 Helium hotspots around the world placed by individuals like you who are generating significant passive income, as much as $10,000, from one hotspot.

Helium hotspots are just like routers. They make no noise, they consume almost no energy (<$5/mo), and generate significant income for you passively.

Already there are over 150,000 hotspots connecting the IoT, and soon 5G around the world

Apart from being a way of generating passive income, Helium mining is also one of the best ways to enter and make an earning from the new and upcoming crypto technology — for non-technical people.

If you invest in main crypto coins or altcoins in any of the crypto exchanges, your account would be exposed to daily volatility and if you are day trading, you would need to spend so much time trading to buy low and sell high while experiencing the high-stress factor.

Helium hotspot looks and feels like a router with no noise and negligible energy usage

However, if you invest in generating income via mining Helium, then, you just spend a minimum amount to buy the Helium hotspot, about $500, for once only, and then, as you set up your Helium hotspot as explained in this book, you will gain significant income passively without even thinking about it, while possibly extending your Helium network by placing other Helium hotspots through your friends and family.

Once you read this book and apply all the key information while understanding all the key concepts, you can confidently step into Helium mining by buying one or more Helium spots.

I suggest you take your time to read and digest this book. Then, you can always come back and use it as a reference.

Unboxing the Helium hotspot. It takes 10 minutes to set it up.

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About the Book: Complete Guide to Helium Mining

The book is concise and includes all topics and details needed to make the most of Helium mining so that you will be able to buy one or more Helium hotspots and build your network without losing time and energy.

Below is the full list of Table of Contents. Hope you will be as excited as I am about the future of the Helium Network and what it can gain you and the world as you read the book using it also as a reference.

The Helium Mining Book Table of Contents

  • The Story Behind

  • Technology. How LoRA Works

  • How the Helium Network Works

  • How It All Started.

  • How Helium Coin Rewarding Works.

  • PoC Challenger

  • PoC Challengee

  • Witnesses

  • Consensus Group

  • Network Data Transfer

  • The Math Behind HNT Distribution.

  • The Current Status and Near Future of The Helium Network

  • Helium Coin Value Growth

  • Which Helium Hotspots to Choose

  • Other Upcoming Helium Hotspot Providers

  • The Criteria to Generate the Most Revenue

  • Hotspot Density

  • Antenna View

  • The Antenna DBI

  • Minimizing Cable Loss

  • How to Buy a Hotspot using USDT

  • Buying Bobcat miner using (or

  • How to Set Up Your Helium Hotspot

  • Connecting the Helium Hotspot

  • Placement of the Hotspot

  • How to Estimate Your Hotspot Earnings?

  • Data transfer rewards

  • Witness rewards

  • Consensus rewards

  • Challenger rewards

  • Challenger rewards

  • Placement

  • Antenna view

  • Antenna

  • How to Turn Your Helium Coins into Cash Anywhere in the World

  • How to Create an Ideal Network of Helium Hotspots

  • The Exchanges to Use to Invest in Helium Coins

  • Helium Partnerships

  • New: Helium People’s Network for 5G Distribution

  • Conclusion

  • Essential Source Links

  • References

Hope you enjoy mining Helium coins passively while helping to build the People’s Network of IoT and 5G soon!


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