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Never Lose Anything Again with the Xiaomi NEW Air Intelligent Android Tracking Device

Effortlessly Track Your Belongings with Precision and Peace of Mind

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In today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of our belongings can sometimes feel like a daunting task. From keys to wallets, bags to pets, it’s all too easy to misplace or forget essential items.

Fortunately, technological advancements have provided us with innovative solutions to this age-old problem. Enter the Xiaomi NEW Air Intelligent Tracking Device — your ultimate tracking solution that ensures you never lose anything again.


The Ultimate Tracking Solution: Xiaomi Android Tracking Device

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Imagine a world where you never have to worry about losing your keys, wallet, or any other valuable item. With the Xiaomi tracking device, this dream becomes a reality.

This compact and practical device offers a range of features designed to make tracking your belongings effortless, affordable, and, most importantly, reliable. Let’s explore what makes the Xiaomi tracking device stand out from the crowd.


Explore and Shop The Xiaomi Tracking Device

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  • Versatile Tracking. Gone are the days of frantically searching for misplaced items. With the Xiaomi tracking device, you can attach it to keys, wallets, bags, and more, ensuring comprehensive tracking of your belongings.

  • Seamless App Integration. The iFindU App, compatible with both Apple and Android devices, seamlessly integrates with the Xiaomi tracking device, allowing you to easily locate your items with just a few taps on your smartphone.

  • Long-Lasting Battery. Say goodbye to constant recharging. The Xiaomi tracking device comes with a replaceable battery that provides over a year of use, ensuring uninterrupted tracking support.

tracking device for android app. small tracking for big things

  • Precision Positioning. Pinpoint the exact location of your item with precision positioning, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your belongings are at all times.

  • Audible Location. No more aimlessly searching. With the tracker’s sound feature, you can make it emit a sound through the app, guiding you directly to your lost item.

  • Loss Prevention. Stay one step ahead with timely alerts. Receive notifications on your phone and the tracker itself when it goes out of Bluetooth range, preventing loss before it happens.

  • Last Known Location. Easily retrace your steps with the tracker marking the last known location on the map, ensuring you never lose track of where your items were last.


Main Features

  • Versatility. Ideal for keys, wallets, bags, luggage, pets, elderly individuals, and more, the Xiaomi tracking device offers a versatile solution for a wide range of tracking needs.

  • Seamless Compatibility. Works effortlessly with both Apple and Android devices, ensuring compatibility with your existing smartphone.

easy to use android tracking tag to find pets, cars, and more

  • Peace of Mind. With a replaceable battery providing prolonged use without frequent charging, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are always being tracked.

  • Audible Assistance. Locate your items with ease using the tracker’s sound feature, making finding lost items a breeze.

  • Loss Prevention. Receive timely alerts when the tracker and your phone are out of range, preventing loss and ensuring the safety of your belongings.

  • Map Marking. The iFindU App places a pin on the map at the last known location of your lost item, making it easy to retrace your steps and recover your belongings.



The Xiaomi Android tracking device offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Never Lose Anything. Keep track of your personal belongings and loved ones with ease, ensuring nothing is ever lost again.

  • The Ultimate Convenience. Experience the convenience of a reliable and efficient tracking solution that seamlessly integrates with your smartphone.

intelligent affordable anti loss tracking device for android.

  • Feels Safe. Ensure the safety of your valuables, especially in busy or crowded settings, with the peace of mind provided by the Xiaomi tracking device.

  • Always On. Stay prepared for unexpected situations, whether with people or possessions, knowing that your items are always being tracked.

  • Long-Lasting Battery. Rely on the long-lasting battery for extended tracking support, without the hassle of frequent recharging.

  • iFindU App. Access the iFindU App from your choice of Apple or Android device, providing you with flexibility and convenience in tracking your belongings.


User Instructions

Using the Xiaomi tracking device is a breeze:

  1. Simply Attach. Attach the tracker to the item you want to keep tabs on.

  2. Download the App. Download and open the iFindU App on your Apple or Android device.

  3. Tap to Find. Trigger a sound on the tracker by tapping the blue ring button in the app to locate your item.

  4. Auto-Alert. Get alerts when your phone and tracker are out of Bluetooth range to prevent loss.


Why Shop the Xiaomi Tracking Device?

Investing in the Xiaomi NEW Air Intelligent Android Tracking Device offers numerous advantages:

Small Device, Big Solution. Despite its compact size, the Xiaomi tracking device offers a powerful tracking solution that ensures you never lose anything again.

Versatile. With its wide range of applications, from keys to wallets, bags to pets, the Xiaomi tracking device is a versatile solution for all your tracking needs.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe. Whether you want to protect your valuables, keep a watchful eye on your loved ones, or prevent the stress of lost items, the Xiaomi tracking device has you covered.


Versatile Use Cases

Keys. Always Find Your Keys Attach the compact tracking device to your keys for quick and easy tracking, and trigger a sound through the app to locate them effortlessly.

Phone. Ensure Phone Security Use the tracking device to prevent losing your phone, and receive alerts when it’s out of Bluetooth range.

Wallet. Guard Your Wallet Keep the tracking device in your wallet for added security, and receive timely alerts if your wallet goes out of range.

Vehicle (Motorcycle, Car, Truck). Drive with Confidence Install the Xiaomi tracker in your vehicle for enhanced security, ensuring its safety with real-time tracking.

Hiking. Navigate with Ease Securely attach the Xiaomi tracking device to your backpack for hiking adventures, benefitting from accurate positioning and audible assistance on the trail.

With its long-lasting battery life, seamless app integration, and accurate tracking capabilities, the Xiaomi NEW Air Intelligent Tracking Device is the perfect addition to your everyday life.


The Xiaomi NEW Air Intelligent Tracking Device offers a comprehensive tracking solution that ensures you never lose anything again. With its versatile applications, seamless app integration, and long-lasting battery life, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone looking to keep track of their belongings.



  • Top-rated and most affordable.

  • Free shipping worldwide.


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