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Why and How to Self-Publish Your Book in 2023 and Generate Passive Income

It is easier than ever to publish your own book in a week costing a negligible amount while reaching a global audience and receiving 70% of the revenue.

This is my own experience of self-publishing after writing 5 books and publishing them on Amazon and elsewhere creating significant passive income.

Why Write a Book?

Writing requires discipline and it is one of those skills that you get better with practice. People often believe they are born one way and it is how they will stay for a lifetime.

People go to the gym and work on their jobs and in time they become much better versions of themselves. However, most people don’t even consider writing because they are not aware of its benefits.

Writing makes you think. As you write you will realize that the ideas you would think that you never had will blossom and those new ideas will bring other new ideas. By the end of your writing session, when you read your freshly baked story, you will often be proud of yourself. You will reach to new depths of your soul and knowledge.

Writing will make you a brand. Writing is a great way to boost your knowledge and make you an authority in any field because it requires deep research and questioning every line. You will be a published author. It’s an exceptional skill and accomplishment that very few people gains, therefore, it is well respected.

Writing can easily become a source of passive income. Times have changed. You can easily publish your books in less than a week via Amazon KDP, Google Books, and Apple Books and become an independent self-publishing writer.

You can publish your book as an ebook, paperback, and/or hardcover. You can also translate your book into 12 different languages so that you can reach a wider audience. In the end, you can have 36 book versions from one title growing your income possibilities.

A great example of this is David Goggins. He self-published on Amazon and became a NYTimes bestseller. The book of his own life struggles and how he overcame them is loved by a great number of people. Now, he is a well-known and respected writer.

David Goggins turned down a $300k proposal and decided to self-publish on Amazon.You don’t have to write about a specific topic. You can write about what you believe will benefit other people in an exceptional way.

Why I Wrote These Books

I was always curious about how large companies are able to innovate as if they were a startup. The short answer was OKR (Objectives and Key Results), which is used by Google and many other Fortune 500 companies as well as startups and large companies around the world.

I wrote about OKR because I was already naturally interested in the topic as an engineer and entrepreneur and I thought that many people would feel the same way. I wasn’t wrong.

Helium Network.

I wrote about Helium Network because I thought it was a brilliant idea coupled with the extraordinary implementation of the crypto technology to build the people’s network of IoT and 5G by using the individually built network of hotspots around the world.

It turned out that as I was writing, there were about 40,000 hotspots and now, there are over 1 million people mining Helium coins.

Steps for Writing a Self-Published Book

Note Down the Storyline

What do you want to write about? Will it be a story or a way to solve a problem? Create your storyline with topics and dive into the details about each topic slowly.

Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT isn’t sentient yet, but it can definitely help you as an unconditional assistant to bring new ideas to the table. Don’t try to write your book with an AI assistant, instead, write your topic and detailed content into ChatGPT or Jasper if you are already using it and if you believe it is better than ChatGPT.

Writing is a game of consistency. Focus on the valuable content you are creating and not on the dream of your NYTimes bestseller. Writing is not a success-guaranteed endeavor. If you see it as a therapy and as a way to learn while improving your abilities and inner self, it will pay off immensely in every part of your life.

And if it becomes successful and sells well in every continent that will be a huge award for your persistence.

In the end, you will be a published writer and I guarantee you that you will feel great if you don’t just focus on the sales number.

Get Feedback

As you write the first 20 pages of your book, ask for feedback from your friends and family making sure that they give you their honest opinion.

Constructive feedback may open your mind further. Listen to their opinions. You don’t need to apply any of the opinions, but if you listen and respect the feedback, you can shape your book accordingly.

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Publish Your Book

Even a decade ago, publishing a book was immensely challenging. You either needed a lot of money or be incredibly persistent about marketing yourself and your book to publishing applying to each one of them one by one.

Publishing a book has never been easier and more rewarding. And even when you were published, that didn’t mean you would be all set. The publisher would have so many rights and take the majority of the earnings. It was brutal for writers.

Things have changed immensely. Now, you can publish your book in a week, reach a global audience and receive 70% of the earnings.

Amazon is the apparent leader with 80% of ebook sales being made through KDP. What’s great is that you can also hire a narrator or narrate yourself and sell your audiobook on Audible, which is immensely popular.


Publish Like a Pro

You focus on writing a great book and Awaynear Publishing takes care of the rest Learn more


Steps to Publishing Your Book

  • Cover Design

  • Formatting in KDP

  • Writing and Optimizing Amazon Book Description

  • Publishing Your Book as an Ebook, Paperback and/or Hardcover

  • Market Your Book

  • Translating Your Book and Repeating the Above Steps

Cover Design

It is always best if you leave any specific topic as cover design to an expert. It is best if your book’s cover design is well thought out with your concept in mind while making sure it is visually appealing with simplicity and catchy color.

You can hire an expert on Fiverr or Upwork. The possibly low price is the advantage of Fiverr, however, Upwork would have higher quality for overall all the job descriptions you would need.

You can also hire Awaynear for your cover design and all the publishing needs as a whole.

Formatting in KDP

Amazon uses a specific way to publish books and that is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). You need to download the KDP software and transfer your formatted word document into the software and then, check each page making sure everything is in good order, including, text, images, page numbers and more.

Writing and Optimizing Amazon Book Description

There are two reasons why you would want the best title and description for your book. The first reason is that you want them to be catchy, informative, and engaging for your potential readers to feel tempted.

The second important reason is that you want the Amazon algorithm to detect your book with relevant keywords and content so that you are one of the recommended books when your target audience searches for a book similar to your content.

It is best if you use a keyword tool such Jungle Scout or SEMrush for your topic to make sure you enter the keywords in your title and description.

It is essential to mention that you shouldn’t spam your description with keywords. They should all belong to the description content naturally.

Publish Your Book as an Ebook, Paperback and/or Hardcover

Amazon gives you 3 alternatives to publish your book, namely, ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

It is almost a no-brainer to publish your book in all 3 formats to increase the possibility of your sales.

The only thing to change would be your cover design size and pricing. Publishing a book on Amazon has 3 major sections.

  1. Entering your book details

  2. Uploading your cover design and book content

  3. Pricing for all the markets you plan to sell

The steps are pretty straightforward when you have your content ready.

Market Your Book

You published your book with great content in less than a week.


Now, it is time to market your book.

The first step is to get social proof, which is reviews.

I recommend that you don’t post Amazon ads before receiving 5 reviews.

Your ACOS would suffer because people naturally won’t want to be the first ones to buy your book.

The idea is to receive your first 10 reviews.

Don’t ask your close friends or family to buy your book and leave a review because Amazon follows that and may blacklist your book.

What you can do is use Amazon’s own tools such as free book promotions or Kindle countdown deals.

You can give away hundreds of books like that in a few days depending on the demand for your book and there is an unspoken rule on Amazon, which is every 10 sale result with 1 review.

So, if you sell 100 books with these methods, then, you may end up with hopefully 10 reviews.

Additionally, you can use such tools as Goodreads to promote your sales and reviews. As you finally reach at least 5 reviews, you can then post Amazon ads.

It is recommendable to post Amazon ads without target keywords at first to test which keywords result in conversions.

Translating Your Book and Repeating the Above Steps

According to my experience, 70% of the sale comes from the US in all of the 12 global Amazon marketplaces and 20% of those sales is in Spanish.

You can use Deepl, the AI translation tool to translate your book double checking that translation and formatting are well made.

Deepl is a highly reliable translation tool for almost any translation topic and it translates into 28 languages.


I have written 5 books and overall, I believe everyone should experience writing a book.

It is an experience for oneself to build a much better understanding of a particular topic and dive deep into expanding your capacity to create.

To me, it is also like meditation. You sit for hours and focus only on one thing with the ultimate goal of creating a great product to share with the world.

Every line you write takes you closer to the finish line and you explore new topics and content that you weren’t aware you had in you. It’s in that sense somewhat magical.

Once you write and publish within a week with a minimum budget for a global audience, you can generate passive income while becoming a brand and authority that nobody can take away from you.





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