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Chimica Analitica Quantitativa Harris Download 318 PORTABLE


chimica analitica quantitativa harris download 318

Jan 27, 2019 pdf download chimica analitica quantitativa harris download 318 chimica analitica quantitativa harris download 318 We have already seen the cases of positron emission tomography (PET) scans where Tc-99m DMSA has indicated symmetric accumulation of the tracer in the periureteral tissue around the kidney. The same reports also indicate the ability of DMSA to diagnose pyelonephritis, bilateral ureteral stones and upper urinary tract tumors. [113–115] DMSA renal tomographic scintigraphy using Tc-99m-labelled diethylenetriaminepentaacetate and In-111-labelled DTPA was employed to provide clear delineation of renal parenchyma and periureteral activity in both kidneys. [116] We here present the case of a patient who underwent renal radio-scintigraphy with Tc-99m-DMSA and In-111-DTPA. Overlap of the areas of intense activity in the periureteral tissue and the renal parenchyma in both kidneys was observed during the examination. It is possible to conclude that in our patient the DMSA activity in the periureteral tissue is probably related to inflammation in this area. In light of our results it can be concluded that DMSA is a useful agent in the detection of renal parenchymal disease and non-functioning kidney, [117] decreased kidney function, [118] and the presence of renal stones. DMSA has recently been employed for the evaluation of the intensity and distribution of renal fibrosis [119] and in the investigation of the etiology of renal pathology, including carcinoma. Distribution and storage of DMSA in the kidney is affected by subcellular localization, integrity of the renal tubular luminal membrane, size of the renal tubular lumen and their topography. [120] The pharmacokinetics of DMSA has been studied in rats. [121] The pharmacokinetics of DMSA in humans has been investigated only in one report, [122] and therefore further research is required to establish the best dosing regimen in

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Chimica Analitica Quantitativa Harris Download 318 PORTABLE

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