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Why Interactions with

Museums Never

Change in Time.

When Everything

Becomes Digital.

The time for change

has come.

Explore any museum from anywhere in the world.

Search for the city, genre, period, artist & more.

Bookmark anything, share & gamify your experience.

Revolutionizing the Physical Experience

No more
waiting in
long lines.

Follow Your Favorite Museum for events, deals and exhibitions

Interact with the art easily while visiting and save

Icing on the Cake

Interact with new people and friends to broaden your art, history, science and social circle

Introducing The


Museum App

About Us


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About Us




Our Mission is creating the growingly interactive experience of global art, science and technology

Our Vision is to bring the ultimate museum experience for both the guests and the museums.

You don't have to be there to discover top quality content.

Build your profile with the art, history or technology you love from around the world.

See what your friends follow and like. Interact with them beautifully.

You land at the airport and you immediately know the great content nearby!

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