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Automate Your Business Growth Using the Botpress AI Chatbot Builder

We hear more and more that AI will take our jobs, but we rarely hear that AI will become our marketing, sales, customer support, onboarding, recruitment, and other teams. Now, anyone can build their AI team without using any code, and Botpress is one of the most promising tools to do just that.

botpress ai chatbot builder boost business with ai team

The AI era is here. November 30th, 2022, the moment when ChatGPT was made public, was the inception moment that started the exponential growth of AI.

AI has become a regularly used technology, almost becoming a second-nature tool for many, in the very first year that it was made public.

AI will replace many jobs and the movement has already started.

ai future chatbot startup progress
A good reminder of the near future

AI Chatbots that are specially integrated with Generative AI such as ChatGPT can easily take the role of a sales representative or customer support that needs no rest.

Our top pick for such AI chatbot builders is Botpress simply because it is an intuitive, no-code tool with advanced features while allowing to integrate with all the top platforms such as Wordpress, Whatsapp, Wix and Instagram.On top of all, it is free to use.

In this story, we will delve into the following:

  • How AI Chatbots work

  • Why Botpress?

  • How Botpress works

  • Common Tips on Building Your Chatbot

  • How to Integrate the Botpress into Your Website

  • How to start your AI Automation Agency (AAA)?

  • Let’s Build Your AI Chatbot


How AI Chatbots Work

AI chatbots are great when it comes to automating repetitive tasks to creating the workflow and actions to generate leads and sales.

If you have an online business and you don’t yet use AI chatbots, you are missing out since AI chatbots can build the custom experience that you would like for your target audience to have when they visit your website whether it is offering them custom campaigns or creating leads by giving the right incentives depending on the profile they create.

With AI Chatbots you can:

  • Create custom experiences for your target audience

  • Collect data and automate using that data smartly

  • Automate receiving important feedback

You can simply build your AI team, without using any code, working for you 24/7 for a fraction of the cost that you would pay to a live agent.

Why Botpress AI Chatbot Builder

Botpress is a leading AI chatbot builder supported by Y-Combinator with a 4.8-star rating.

botpress ai chatbot editor studio build your ai bot with gpt

  • Botpress is intuitive to learn. You build a flow chart with nodes and cards within each node and you can test each step of the way using the emulator.

  • It is a no-code Chatbot builder. Botpress has a natural language generative AI tool and you can ask to generate the code with natural language — if any code is needed, ever.

  • Botpress is so easy to publish. You can simply click on the publish button and share your bot URL anywhere on the web and you can embed the bot by adding the generated code before your body tag in your website.

  • You can integrate Botpress with so many platforms. Botpress gives you the freedom to use your bot on all the major platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Gmail.

  • Botpress is free to use. Botpress is free if you use it for up to 1000 messages a month. Therefore, you can build and integrate your chatbot freely, test and then, see if it creates the value you desire.

  • Botpress has extensive teaching material. You can use the YouTube channel of Botpress to learn how to master Botpress and for any particular question, you can become a member of their Discord.

How Botpress Works

Botpress has a fast learning curve.

Build your chatgpt ai chatbot using botpress

  • You sign up using your email account and create a new bot to enter to your Botpress Studio to edit your bot.

A view from a customer service chatbot. You can have a light or dark theme.

  • You can use one of the templates or start from scratch.

  • Starting from scratch. If you start from scratch, each bot starts with a Start and End node, which comes to mean that you will connect your starting node with the Start node and when you end the bot, you will be connecting the final node with the End node.

  • Start your first node. By right-clicking, you can open the Quick Menu and click on Standard Node to add a new node.

  • What each node includes. Each node will include a group of cards, actions, knowledge bases, etc. Each node works from the top-down meaning that the very top action will be seen as the first action to be activated and then, the bottom ones are to follow.

  • Connect the next node. Start another node to create a separate action that is part of the workflow and a continuation of the previous node action. Connect the two nodes.

  • Use the cards to create custom actions. There are so many ways to create the conditional action you need. You can simply either click on each card to add it to the node when the node is selected or drag and drop it into any node.

botpress ai chatbot studio advanced features

Here you can see the actions (Send Messages, Execute, Flow Logic, AI and more)

  • Use the Botpress tutorials to master your skills. You can use extensive tutorials on the Botpress YouTube channel or other tutorials added by independent Youtubers.

  • Use Generative AI to Create Custom Code. You don’t need to know how to code when using Botpress. All you need is natural language to ask Botpress to generate the code for you. It’s easy and tutorials will clarify the details.

  • Use the Knowledge Base to Add Custom Data. You can add Excel or PDF into your bot so that your bot can use the information and data within to answer the questions your users ask. You can also add website URLs for your bot to detect the information there and answer the questions using the input there.

  • Integrate ChatGPT to Create Your Smart AI Bot. If you want your bot to answer anything using the power of ChatGPT, then, you can easily integrate GPT intuitively when it is needed.

  • Add Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) to Create Live Support. You can add the condition asking the user if they need live support and when they do, a live agent of your choice can be sent the alert notification.

The more you dive into it, the more you explore Botpress while having fun learning.


Start Building Your Chatbot for Free

Build ChatGPT chatbots faster with Botpress. An intuitive building experience powered by the latest in LLMs and GPT.


Common Tips on Building Your First AI Chatbot

Like in any learning experience, Botpress has a learning curve, a rather fast one since it is a no-code and visual experience with a flow chart type of building experience.

  • Start the Tutorials and Play Around with Botpress. It is best to follow the YouTube channel of Botpress and start playing with the commands and tutorials within the Botpress Studio.

  • Start Building Your Chatbot with a Flowchart in Mind. As you familiarize yourself, it’d be best if you build the chatbot that you have in mind by first scratching the flowchart on a piece of paper or such tools as

  • Make the Active Search Happen. If you are stuck at some point, you can use the new search experience, to search for the answer asking the exact question you have in mind. You may be surprised by how precise and concise the answers are.

  • Go for Extra Help by Asking the Community. Make a list of all the features you want and then, search for ways to make it happen using Botpress. If you are not able to figure out how, then, you can ask your questions in the Botpress discord by becoming a member.

How to Integrate Your Chatbot to Your Website and Other Platforms

It is really easy to follow how to add your Botpress bot to web platforms and there are clear and concise tutorials about how to integrate your bots into Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail and more.

Botpress Bot WordPress and Wix Integration

It is easy to integrate your chatbot into major website platforms such as WordPress or Wix.

The integration to both platforms is made by copying the embedded script and pasting it into the Body section of the headers and footers menu item in your WordPress or Wix dashboard.

ai chatbot integration to website

Botpress AI Chatbot Builder Whatsapp Integration

In Botpress, you can set up the WhatsApp integration by going to the Integration Hub in Botpress Cloud and finding the WhatsApp integration. You will need a Meta developer app, a WhatsApp Business Account, and a Botpress Cloud account and bot to complete the setup.

botpress ai chatbot integrations whatsapp facebook instagram gmail and more

Botpress has an integration hub that guides about how to integrate each platform.


Start Using Botpress for Free to Build Your First AI Chatbot

Build ChatGPT chatbots faster with Botpress. An intuitive building experience powered by the latest in LLMs and GPT.


How to Start Your Own AI Automation Agency

Botpress offers the opportunity to create your advanced chatbot for your custom need for free.

It is now possible to create a team of chatbots to build your team of sales, marketing, data, customer support, and other teams, which wasn’t possible a few years ago.

It is important to see this opportunity to create high value using the innovative and open-ended AI era.

This means that by investing the time, you can build your agency to create custom chatbots for companies around the world and offer them high value showing that they can earn so much by investing in integrating an AI chatbot into their business.

Let’s Build Your Chatbot

If you have a company that you would like to boost the business of, Awaynear can help build the custom experience for your target audience.



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