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How to Become a Design Thinker and Create Amazing Products

Design thinking comes to mean a human-centered approach to innovation. It basically brings structure to the creative process and builds the roadmap with a step-by-step process by creating ideas, prototypes, and products fast and repetitively focusing on the user experience each time improving the end product. So, how to create great products using design thinking?

Design Thinking was first coined by Tim Brown. We use some parts of design thinking during our daily lives if we think of the user experience while building services or products. What makes design thinking special is that it inspires creativity in everyone bringing them creative confidence by using the process.

Design Thinking has 6 Phases:

  • Empathize

  • Define

  • Ideate

  • Prototype

  • Test

  • Implement

The 6 Phases of the Design Thinking Process


Empathy is the first step to creating the solution for the problem that the user experiences. Through empathy, we put ourselves in the shoes of the user and understand how they feel. Some questions to ask could be:

  • What does the user feel?

  • What actions or words indicate this feeling?

  • What words would you use to express their feelings?


The next step is to identify the problem using the empathy we felt about the user experience. The language you use needs to be identifiable and clearly state the problem. The framing should clearly inspire the people or your team.


The next phase is creating or scratching ideas using the previous steps. There is no single way to create ideas. Brainstorming and mind-mapping are two of the most popular methods to create ideas.

Brainstorming is often used when there is a group of people who are going to make a decision. Basically, the group members are handed out sticky notes and people write their ideas. There is a moderator for each session to make sure everyone has taken a role evenly. Then, the note is put on a wall.

Mindmapping is also a very common tool and can be applied individually. Basically, you create a diagram with a circle phrasing the main idea in the center. Then, the process branches out to create solutions to realize that idea.


Prototyping is essential to visualize the end product to receive feedback. The prototype doesn’t need to be well-made. Speed is key to creating prototypes. To reach the end product, several prototypes can be made. Each prototype will be a means to improve the product to receive further feedback.


Testing is the phase that you need to use as a way to view the user’s experience and not comment. This helps the users to create their own experiences. Testing is a way to observe and empathize with the user. Implement As the cycle of product or service development is achieved with every possible step taken to fulfill the implementation of an amazing product following the user feedback, the design thinking process may come to an end.


Design thinking has quite a number of benefits starting from structuring the innovation process and gaining a platform of active and participatory experience for any kind of development.

Design thinking may be applied more effectively and productively when applied with a dedicated team, however, it may also be practiced individually to build creative processes. In the end, any problem needs to be defined, is used by people, needs prototyping and testing to find what really works.

Design thinking brings visual, interactive and active thinking on the table of creation to make real products that have the highest value accepted by users. To learn more about design thinking, I recommend you to read two books written by IDEO founders, which is the epicenter of design thinkers.

  • The Art of Innovation is the first book, written by Tom Kelley, a partner at IDEO.

  • Creative Confidence. Written by David Kelley, IDEO founder and Stanford creator.

If you live and work with the principles of design thinking, there would be a great boost in your productivity and creativity. Applying with a group makes the design thinking process even more fun and creative.


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