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Human - Centered Design Process

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From concept to wireframing, high-fidelity prototype and finally web-based advanced visual development

app design & development


From high conversion landing pages to e-commerce sites, designing and building advanced websites, affordably

design and development


Brand identity, social media, poster and any digital design you envision for your business.

digital designiverse

Business Development

Pitch deck Design, OKR and Design Thinking Consultancy, Crowdfunding and more. 

Our Mechanic, Architectural, Fashion Design Team at Your Service. 

Product Design


Our Mechanic, Architectural, Fashion Design Team at Your Service. 

next level content marketing

creating lovable products

building high value companies

Go Digital with Us

Wherever You Are

Next-Level Digital Design

& Business Development

Website. Mobile App. Graphic Design. Product Design.

Pitch Deck. Business Development. Crowdfunding. Writing.

Awaynear beat our expectations and delivered our amazingly designed event sales website on time and affordably. They also make sure we know exactly how to make the most of our website by showing the features and basic marekting tools.

Derek Patel

IST Social, Director

This is our 4th month working with Awaynear to boost our blog platform with quality and targeted posts. We are now getting %35 more organic traffic and our customers trust us much more. 

Stacy Miller


I love the workflow of Awaynear. Our MLP mobile app design was completed within two weeks and we were able to present to the investors and raise funding. A top talent team and they genuinely care.

Jeremy Simmons

Tesla Citizen, Co-Founder