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Your 10-minute Opportunity to Find Lifetime Partners

How It Works. Market Research. Competitor

Research. Business Strategy. Marketing Strategy. Why Your Company Makes a Great Difference

G e n e r a l  O u t l o o k

Concise. Visual. Well-Researched. Modern Design.

Focusing on Your Product's High Value. Easy-to-Follow.

Factual. Clear Content.

O u r  D e c k  P r i n c i p l e s

30 minute kick-off Zoom meeting

Delivery in 2 weeks

P r i c i n g  a n d F e a t u r e s

Choose the Option and Complete the Task Form Here.

  • Full On Pitch Deck

    Up to 15 Pages. Delivered in 2 Weeks
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Concept Development
    • Market Research
    • Compelling Presentation
    • Design
    • Business Strategy
    • List of Investors to Contact
    • Contact and Fundraising Strategy
  • Marketing Essentials

    Choose 2 of 4 for digital marketing essentials
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • 3 Custom Social Media Posts for FB, IG and Linkedin
    • On-Page SEO - all taken care of
    • Influencer marketing - Contacting 10 target influencers
    • Google or FB ad setup and posting the first ad
  • Marketing Gold

    Boost your visibility and leads to a new level
    Valid for one month
    • 5 Custom Social Media Posts per Week on FB, IG and Linkedin
    • 1 Blog Post per Week
    • On and Off Page SEO
    • Google or Facebook Ad Setup and Management
    • Influencer Marketing - Contacting 20 Influencers
  • Kickstarter Basic

    Valid for one week
    • Custom Marketing Strategy Report
    • Market and Competitor Research
  • Crowdfunding Plus

    Valid for one month
    • Market and Competitor Research
    • Landing Page
    • Pre-Campaign Social Media Marketing
    • Campaign Design

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Digital Business Development

Custom Process Design & Execution

Branding. Visibility. Conversions

Asking the Right Questions

Custom solutions to create impactful, high-converting, affordable and smart marketing for your target audience.

Maximizing the Desired Results

Following the analysis, the clear path for the action plan is created for social media, SEO, Google, blogging, and more.

The Best Way to Fund and Market Your Startup

Pre - Campaign & Campaign Marketing

Crowdfunding is a game with its own rules, strategies and actions. Pre-campaign marketing is essential to create the buzz and pledges during the first few days of the campaign. We build the systemic and creative approach for your campaign to catch the wave early on.

Landing Page & Campaign Design

Landing page is the go-to place for your audience to sign up to pledge for your campaign. We build the story of your startup along with the email marketing strategy. Campaign design is the other landing page that convinces your potential backers to support your product. We build the experience for the maximum conversion.

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