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L o g o

Simplicity. One Message. Vision. Creativity. Impactful. Memorable.

T h e  E v o l u t i o n  o f  a  L o g o

F i n a l

Feed extrusion company logo. Feed extruders are used to increase the efficiency, nutrition and digestibility for poultry production. 

The logo gives one unique and memorable message, happy chickens.

The logo of a company is the true signature of its brand, timelessly.

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1 - 2 weeks delivery

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Rotor is a new e-bike company with a plain and elegant design while offering instant torque. 

Each electric motor has a rotor. The rotor bikes have colored tires. The company chose the lasting option.

T h e  E v o l u t i o n  o f  a  L o g o

F i n a l

P r i c i n g  a n d 

F e a t u r e s

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